​Monmouth County Boardwalks
(Asbury Park - Spring Lake)

The boardwalks are especially fun and safe to ride on during the off season. Fall and spring bring better weather and the crowds are usually gone. Winter is a great time too if it's a clear day, and you definitely don't have to worry about little ones bumping into crowds in the winter time. During the summer months you can ride the local boardwalks just remember that most of the boardwalks only allow bike riding from midnight to 10am during the summer season. Asbury Park only allows riding from midnight to 12 noon all year round.


  ​​Thompson Park, Lincroft, NJ

Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ is by far one of the nicest places to ride in our area. Perfect for any age and skill level. Easy bike paths, plus trails and a playground. Pack a lunch and head out to Thompson for a great day of riding with the fam!


 Manasquan Reservoir, Howell, NJ

Manasquan Reservoir located in Howell, NJ. Bike the 5 mile perimeter gravel path, or just part of it. It's easy enough for kids and a great place to spend the day. Plus, the park has a nice Environmental Center where you can learn about the different animals that live around the reservoir. The reservoir is beautiful in any season, so no excuses. Get out and ride!

henrey hudson

  ​​Henry Hudson Trail

The Henry Hudson Trail is a beautiful and easy paved trail that runs for 24 miles throughout Monmouth County. ​ "From the marshy regions of the Bayshore (Atlantic Highlands to Aberdeen) to the woods and fields of Marlboro and Freehold, the Henry Hudson Trail offers a wonderfully changing landscape as it traverses the County." For access points and maps click here.

D&R and D&L Canal

The canal path along the Delaware River is one of our favorite places to ride. Beautiful sceanery and cool stops along the way. Located about an hour away by car depending on where you pick it up. This trail lets you go on as long or short of a ride as you like without any car traffic and very few road crossings. The paths are mostly hard packed gravel with a few more rocky areas. We recomend a bike with at least 35c width tires for this trail.

Colts Neck Loop

This is a 16.2mi road ride that starts right at the shop! Take you out along some scenic farm roads with a couple small hill climes. This is often a rout we take on our shop group rides. All on paved roads so no need for a mountain bike.

Gravel & Road Ride

Another fun ride we take from the shop every now and then. Great sceanery and an a ride up Ocean Ave on the way back. A bike equipted with at least 38c tires is recommended for the trail portion of this ride.

North West

At just under 20mi this loop brings you north west from the shop.

Going South!


Highlands Via Hartshorne



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